Welcome to our Nurture Zone

The nurture zone is nourishment for your mind, body and soul. For us it is about the sharing of information and wisdom, but it is also about creating a community and coming together to support each other. In this safe zone we hope you find some knowledge, inspiration, support and nurturing to help you to nurture you, nurture others and spread this nurturing at work.

Our fundamental principles are based on compassion and kindness – and that starts with being kind to ourselves.

Just lift your eyes up and check out our 3 pink icons to help you get straight to the areas you want - but we think you might like them all!

Nurture you - focuses on self-care and wellbeing Nurture others - highlights the benefits of supporting those around us Nurture at work - builds on the other areas, with attention to your work life.

Lee Andersen-Whalley and Sally Goodwin


Lee Andersen-Whalley

Registered Midwife & Health Visitor (IBCLC)

Sally Goodwin

Registered Midwife

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