Nurturing others 

Have you ever had a warm fuzzy feeling when someone reaches out to help you, makes you a cuppa when you are feeling down or worried, or even sends you a text out-of-the-blue to say they are thinking about you?

We love it. And we believe, and evidence tells us, that random acts of kindness, caring for another with compassion, and giving authentic positive feedback nurtures both the giver and the receiver and holds the potential to change the world. In an attempt to get through our lives, to answer all the emails, keep up with social media, to work, to care for families, to just be – we forget that the simplest of acts can transform how others feel, and in turn make us feel more able to cope. This also means nurturing those we care for at work – showing compassion and love.

Last week, one of us received a card through through the post with the words 'Thank you for your kindness when I was down'. The message inside was personal and joyful - and it really made a difference to how we felt.  Just noticing those small yet meaningful actions can be the encouragement needed to continue - never underestimate the power of positive communication and support.

And then there's random acts of kindness - glancing out of the car window this evening, we saw a young construction worker dusty and tired looking, bending to leave a sandwich by the sleeping body of a homeless woman, in Manchester City centre. It affected us, made us feel hopeful and lifted our spirits - even though we felt desperate and helpless for the woman on the cold ground.


Nurture Others
Nurture Others

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