Managing Adverse Childhood Experiences in Maternity Care

A recent safeguarding update at work inspired me to write this blog about Adverse Childhood Experiences (ACE’s) and the importance of a multi professional ‘ACE informed approach’ to care. The ACE Study was one of the largest investigations into childhood maltreatment and its later effects on health and well-being (Felitti et al., 1998). The study […]

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Hyperemesis Gravidarium; a stressful life event & salutogenic midwifery management

Hyperemesis Gravidarum or severe nausea and vomiting of pregnancy impacts on women’s physical, social, psychological and consequently fetal wellbeing and often necessitates regular hospital admissions and consultant led care (McCarthy et al., 2011; Fletcher et al., 2015). ‘Sense of Coherence’ relates to how people cope with stressful life events; those who interpret life as manageable, […]

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Starting an initiative; #MaternityLeader case study

Hello all, Happy New Year! A new year often represents a new start and so I thought I’d follow The Practising Midwife’s theme of ‘Bright Beginnings’ with a blog about how to run and launch a social media campaign to help anyone interested in starting a new initiative this New Year. I’m going to use […]

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Access to digital information, social artifice and choice

Changing attitudes and actions around women’s health, childbirth and gender equality are being powerfully supported by technology engaging mass communication. Social media are helping to raise awareness and encourage discussion by breaking down barriers of distance and geography. But sometimes, too much information – especially if it is inaccurate or of poor quality – can pose a challenge for women and families and […]

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Technology and empowerment

Welcome to the Maternity Media Hotspot, a resource media space focused on providing you with access to new and existing content published online, including posters, infographics, videos and animations relating to midwifery, maternity, obstetric and neonatal care. These resources are aimed to support women and families, midwives and other healthcare professionals in the provision of […]

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