Nurture Zone ‘Stamp of Approval’

Nurture Zone ‘Stamp of Approval’ Welcome to the new All4Maternity Nurture Zone – curated by Sally Goodwin and Lee Andersen-Whalley. We are so excited to launch this area of the website, a place solely dedicated to supporting you as midwives, student midwives or those aspiring, maternity doulas and other healthcare professionals – we welcome you […]

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Five Films to Inspire

We have picked out 5 videos that inspire us, that pick us up, motivate us and keep us feeling well. We hope to LOVE them: 1. Ben Zander – The Art of Possibility – speaking to people’s passion. Just watching Ben’s warm face and enthusiasm for people makes us happy. His lessons are so useful […]

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Mass appreciation

Mass appreciation   Stop for a minute. Who do you need? Who is there for you through it all? Taking time to appreciate the people who help us makes such a positive difference. Say thank you. Tell your supporters how much they mean. Positive, authentic feedback makes people feel great and helps to build reciprocity […]

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Starting out

When was the last time you began a new job or turned up for your first day of something, a course, class or programme of study? How did it feel, do you remember? Starting in a new role or work environment can be challenging. We can feel vulnerable as we navigate these fresh experiences and […]

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Hearts in Healthcare

Hearts in Healthcare This website was created by the wonderful anaesthetist Robin Youngson, and is a hub of resources where you can find articles,  inspiration, resources and videos,  all designed to help you to understand the science behind the power of self-care, of caring for others, and  kindness and compassion.  Robin’s website is full of content […]

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