Self-care and what it means to me

Self-care and what it means to me Susan Saville – Midwife In my journey through nursing and midwifery, caring for others has been the theme of my professional life. Having my own children saw caring for others take on a new direction;  these three little humans’ needs naturally came before my own. Then came the “Sandwich generation” where I had young […]

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Slow Midwifery

Slow Midwifery Lorna Davies – Principal Lecturer at Ara Institute of Canterbury, Christchurch, New Zealand I began practising mindfulness following a series of  significant earthquakes in the South Island of New Zealand that rocked my world.  I was also setting out on my PhD journey at the time. By taking the time to practice mindfulness at the recommendation of my doctor, I […]

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Nurture Zone ‘Stamp of Approval’

Nurture Zone ‘Stamp of Approval’ Welcome to the new All4Maternity Nurture Zone – curated by Sally Goodwin and Lee Andersen-Whalley. We are so excited to launch this area of the website, a place solely dedicated to supporting you as midwives, student midwives or those aspiring, maternity doulas and other healthcare professionals – we welcome you […]

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Five Films to Inspire

We have picked out 5 videos that inspire us, that pick us up, motivate us and keep us feeling well. We hope to LOVE them: 1. Ben Zander – The Art of Possibility – speaking to people’s passion. Just watching Ben’s warm face and enthusiasm for people makes us happy. His lessons are so useful […]

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Love from Anna

You matter, your life matters and how you feel about yourself and your life matters too.  As pressures build we can forget to LOOK, LISTEN, LEARN, LAUGH and LOVE. Take a moment to find the joy in your every day moments. Look up at the sky, in to the eyes of your colleagues or the […]

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Hearts in Healthcare

Hearts in Healthcare This website was created by the wonderful anaesthetist Robin Youngson, and is a hub of resources where you can find articles,  inspiration, resources and videos,  all designed to help you to understand the science behind the power of self-care, of caring for others, and  kindness and compassion.  Robin’s website is full of content […]

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Top Tips for Self Care and Wellbeing

Self-care We are all individuals and we are more likely to practice self – care methods if they suit our personality.  Try to plan them into your day or week, remember they are as important to you as your basic needs; healthy diet, drink enough water, plenty of rest/sleep.  This website has been created especially for […]

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