Supporting student midwives on the neonatal unit

by Karen Devine, midwife    As a midwife on a busy neonatal unit (NNU), I am constantly aware that not only are parents and families who use the facility out of their comfort zones, but also the student midwives who come for experience can feel this way, too. I have been there! I remember the daunting […]

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Best foot forward – Midwifery society updates and events

Midwifery societies have grown from strength to strength in recent years. With more midwifery societies being established every year, we feel it is important to shine a light on the amazing work midwifery societies are doing every day. As Chair of UCLan midwifery society, I know how much extra time, effort, hard work and – […]

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Student Survival Guide 3: Assessment And Clinical Skills

STUDENT SURVIVAL GUIDE NO 3 Assessment And Clinical Skills For Osce And Practice Starting midwifery education is a new series of ‘Student Survival Guide’ (formerly ‘Midwifery Basics’) targeted at practising midwives and midwifery students. The aim of these articles is to provide information to student midwives, consider the implications for midwives’ practice and encourage readers to […]

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Coping with change

Autumn heralds change in many ways: the leaves change from green to shades of orange, gold and red; the sun sets more quickly and the mornings are darker; fires are flaming; conkers are collected; and freshers begin a new chapter in their lives at university. Managing change is a skill that needs to be honed […]

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Viewpoint: Aspiring Midwives Stepping Up: Critical Awareness Around Midwifery And Birth In The Media

VIEWPOINT Aspiring midwives stepping up: critical awareness around midwifery and birth in the media Have you ever seen examples in the media in which the idea of midwives supporting normal birth is presented as dangerous? One of the funniest I’ve seen of this was in the comedy series Doc Martin. The irritable doctor, played by Martin […]

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