Obtaining postgraduate funding

Obtaining postgraduate funding Joanne Cull – Midwife at Croydon University Hospital Published in The Practising Midwife Volume 22 Issue 1 January 2019 It has become increasingly difficult to obtain either employer funding or protected time to undertake postgraduate study; one alternative source of funding is the Pre-doctoral Clinical Academic Fellowship (PCAF) offered by HEE and NIHR. The […]

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Harnessing pleasure and purpose

Harnessing pleasure and purpose pioneering a new concept in community midwifery organisation Louise Wilby – Coach at Neighbourhood Midwives Neighbourhood Midwives is a relatively new London-based organisation giving community midwifery care in both the private sector and the NHS. We are pioneering a new and alternative way of running the organisation, and giving care to women that […]

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So far yet so similar – reflections from a Florence Nightingale travel scholarship

So far yet so similar; reflections from a Florence Nightingale travel scholarship Marie Lewis – Consultant Midwife Powys Teaching Health Board Introduction I am the consultant midwife for Powys Teaching Health Board and have been qualified 22 years. During my career I have developed my passion for woman centred care, autonomy, choice and trust. In […]

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Making a Stand for Midwifery

Making a Stand for Midwifery Paul Golden – Independent Midwife Mediator, Legal Adviser Educator Midwives face increasing challenges in the profession, such as investigations, employment and regulatory challenges, and complaints from colleagues or clients. Significant numbers of midwives are leaving due to work pressures, with low resources, staffing and morale. The bullying culture is at last […]

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Being alongside – with #MatExp!

Charlene Cole BSC (Hons.), PgDL, PhD – student midwife Coventry University The theme for this month’s The Practising Midwife journal is Alongside. When I thought about what this meant to me many ideas sprung to mind – collaboration with the multi-disciplinary team, our new alongside midwifery-led unit at South Warwickshire Foundation Trust, @JennytheM’s latest blog […]

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Being alongside on the transformative journey of pregnancy, birth and the start of parenting

The journey of pregnancy, birth and parenthood as transformation Leaving from the airport when I set off on my holidays a couple of weeks ago, I was struck by the huge vibrant graphic above the door as I went through security, reminding that every journey is a transformation. I immediately thought of the journey of […]

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Implementing optimal cord clamping – never, ever, give up

By Amanda Burleigh  In this blog, supplementing The Practising Midwife’s February 2018 Article of the Month (Burleigh and Uwins 2018) promoting practice change to implement optimum cord clamping, Amanda Burleigh describes the 12-year journey she has taken, and offers insight into the effort required to overcome the barriers to implementing change. Amanda charts the moments […]

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Agnes Gereb – yet another travesty

I met Agnes Gereb for the first time in 2012 in her light filled apartment in Budapest that was both her home and her prison. Agnes had been charged in 2008 with ‘manslaughter through negligence in the course of her professional practice’. This charge was based on the breathing difficulties and subsequent death of a […]

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Birth Undisturbed – a guest post by Natalie Lennard

I am a fine-art and commercial photographer of 11 years. Having long created surreal and elaborate fantasy scenes, always with a singularly conventional femininity, I’ve been increasingly hungry to showcase a more raw, powerful beauty in the most surreal yet commonplace event in a woman’s life: childbirth. Evan Gabriel I have long been fascinated by […]

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Relationship-based continuity of carer: informed choice for mothers AND midwives

There can be no doubt that we should be implementing relationship-based continuity of carer for most women and their babies. The evidence has been mounting over years and is compelling: there are few developments that offer so much benefit, with fewer risks (See http://www.gtc.ox.ac.uk/images/stories/academic/skp_report.pdf). It is difficult to understand why this evidence is still seen […]

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