Professional, legal and ethical requirements of becoming and being a midwife

Compassionate Maternity Care

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Compassion is a word that is used frequently in healthcare, but do we really understand what it is?

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Continuity of Carer

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There is a plethora of evidence that continuity of care during pregnancy, birth and during the ...

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Optimal Cord Clamping Module 2

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For the past 50-60 years routine practice in the UK and countries around the world has been to ...

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Enhancing Midwifery Led Units: A Basic Guide

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The NICE intrapartum guidelines (2014) as well as the NICE Quality Standards (2015) recommend ...

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Preconception care

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Pre-pregnancy planning aims to ensure a healthy pregnancy and enhance pregnancy outcomes. Women ...

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Perinatal mortality and morbidity

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The UK stillbirth and neonatal mortality rate has fallen by a fifth in the last decade; however, ...

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Leadership in midwifery

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Leadership is a word often heard in any workplace, and healthcare services are no different. ...

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Organisational culture within healthcare

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With its complex nature, the NHS as an organisation encompasses many differing cultures and ...

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The ability to effectively auscultate and interpret a fetal heart rate is essential for ...

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Abdominal examination: visual inspection

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In order to fully assess a woman, the midwife needs to be able to perform an abdominal ...

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