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Nurture Zone ‘Stamp of Approval’

Welcome to the new All4Maternity Nurture Zone – curated by Sally Goodwin and Lee Andersen-Whalley. We are so excited to launch this area of the website, a place solely dedicated to supporting you as midwives, student midwives or those aspiring, maternity doulas and other healthcare professionals – we welcome you all.

For us, most importantly we support you as human beings and not by the ‘hats you wear’.

We know you are courageous, we know your strength, we understand your passion for maternity and birth, we celebrate this! And we appreciate vulnerability.

As we continuously develop ourselves and our careers there will always be pivotal moments, those that surprise us, those that tire us and those that change us. Sometimes we laugh and sometimes we cry with frustration or sorrow.

The Nurture Zone principally does not request your resilience, or positivity because we know how important it is to have a voice, to be heard and to share challenges.

We want to provide a space to honour your enterprise for love, nurture and kindness. Share your ingenuity for boldness when times are hard and for passion when it is scarce. Celebrate your creativity and imaginative response to support others around you.

This is why we developed our ‘Stamp of Approval’ – it is a symbol of our thanks to you. To recognise and share these activities with those around us.

So if you see these posts pop up on social media – take a moment to comment with support, initiate a conversation, one comment can be instrumental in opening up a new possibility for another.

And because we’re celebrating this. We’ve made a short film.

Love and light to all.

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