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How To Become A Subscriber

  1. Click Join Us to become a subscriber
  2. Choose your membership option and click View
  3. Choose your payment option and click Sign Up Now
  4. Choose Proceed To Checkout to pay by card or Checkout With Paypal
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How To Continue Your Existing TPM Subscription

  1. Go to
  2. Click Add To Basket
  3. Apply your coupon code: tpm-existing-subscriber
  4. Click Proceed To Checkout and fill in the form
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How To Find The Latest TPM Journal

  1. From the main menu navigate to
    Our Journals > The Pracitsing Midwife > and click Latest Issue
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How To Find Upcoming Events

  1. From the main menu navigate to Caring > Events > and click Featured Events
  2. Click on an event to see more details, a countdown timer and to join the event
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Q: Do you love us ?

Yes! All4Maternity is passionate about providing the best learning, sharing & caring experience for Midwives, Mothers & Families - join in and participate. Your subscriptions also help save the love to others by gifting a membership to a One4One midwife.

Q: What about The Practising Midwife ?

All4Maternity now incorporates The Practising Midwife Journal. This section can be accessed from the main menu - chose "Our Journals » TPM Journal".

All the articles from the are now available on All4Maternity. Subscribers to The Practising Midwife get access to All4Maternity and will provide the latest articles and updates available for TPM subscribers.

Q: I'm a subscriber of The Practising Midwife - can I also get access to All4Maternity ?

Yes! We will email you with an access code to register with All4Maternity and you will get complimentary access for the length of your subscription.

If we don't currently have an email for your account - you can use the TPM Subscriber Enquiry form to request access, we will be able to active your membership once a valid subscription is confirmed.

Q: How do I check my course progress ?

Visit your Dashboard in the main menu. In the My Courses section, you can check the courses you are enrolled on and their current status. Your Workbook shows your progress through the course modules and scores. If you complete the module successfully you will be sent a notification and have the opportunity to access your certificate of completion.

Q: The link in my reset password email doesn't work ?

If you have a space in your user name - the hyperlink in your email may not take you to the reset page. You will be able to see this in your email - as your second name isn't in the hyperlink but appears just after it. So to get to the page, please copy and paste the full url provided in the email (from the start of https - to the end of your second name) into your browser address bar to make sure you get to your password reset page.

Q: I don't seem to be able to purchase the membership - the sign up now button is disabled ?

Please check in your basket for products that have already previously been added and stored - if the "Sign up Now" button is greyed out. Remove any unwanted product options from the basket.

Q: How do I use a redeem coupon code ?

After selecting a product or membership subscription option - add to basket, then view the basket to confirm your selection.

Enter the code in Coupon Code box and update basket if applicable.

Your redeem code should be applied to the basket and you can proceed to checkout - using the preferred payment methods available .

Q: What is One4One ?

One4One is our new project - to support midwives in third world regions, by providing 1 free access membership for each 1 new subscription to the All4Maternity website.

So each new subscription helps in spreading learning and information resources to other parts of the world in need.

Q: Can we Sponsor / Advertise with you ?

Yes! We'd love for you to help our project by becoming a sponsor or advertising on our website - but we only work with ethical companies that are likeminded in vision, aims and philosophy.

Q: How do I check my membership account details ?

When you are logged in to the All4Maternity website, you can click on "Dashboard" - there you can view your orders, subscription details & user profile settings.

Q: If I subscribe to a membership with print now - will I get this month's TPM ?

If you order before the 23rd of the month - you with receive that month's journal as your first issue.

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