Midwives’ knowledge of Baby Friendly Hospital Initiative in Uganda

by all4maternity | 3rd January 2018 | Evidence, Features, News & Views, TPM Journal
Baby Friendly Hospital Initiative in Uganda The Baby Friendly...
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Family Integrated Care

by all4maternity | 3rd January 2018 | Advancing Practice, TPM Journal
Delivery of family integrated care on the neonatal unit....
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Supporting student midwives on the neonatal unit

by Karen Devine, midwife    As a midwife on a...
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Evidence Series: Observational Study

by all4maternity | 25th October 2017 | Evidence, Features, TPM Journal
EVIDENCE SERIES Observational Study Does Waterbirth Affect The Risk Of...
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Advancing Practice: Communication Skills

ADVANCING PRACTICE Communication Skills Life After Attending And Participating In...
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Student Survival Guide: 2. Practice Placements

by all4maternity | 20th October 2017 | Aspiring Students, Basics, Future Midwives
STUDENT SURVIVAL GUIDE 2: Practice placements In the second...
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