Should women’s right to maternal request caesarean section be promoted?

Should women’s right to maternal request caesarean section be promoted? Lesley Page – CBE Birthrights recently published a report on responses by individual hospitals in the UK to women’s requests for caesarean section. The new Lancet Series has raised once again one of the central challenges of maternity care: how to prevent both the underuse and […]

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Round the world in midwifery : the humanisation of birth

Round the world in midwifery : the humanisation of birth Lesley Page CBE Last week I travelled to Hong Kong and tonight I am on my way to Brazil, to lecture and do workshops on the humanisation of birth. The ICM has defined humanisation of birth as: “care that recognises the significance of birth for […]

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Time for Caseloading-creating relationship

Time for Caseloading-creating relationships I sent a tweet to Jeremy Hunt Secretary of State for Health and Social Care yesterday. I don’t tweet Jeremy that often but this time I felt it was important. The British news over the weekend was full of midwifery, it even hit the Andrew Marr show on Sunday morning. We […]

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Being alongside on the transformative journey of pregnancy, birth and the start of parenting

The journey of pregnancy, birth and parenthood as transformation Leaving from the airport when I set off on my holidays a couple of weeks ago, I was struck by the huge vibrant graphic above the door as I went through security, reminding that every journey is a transformation. I immediately thought of the journey of […]

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Agnes Gereb – yet another travesty

I met Agnes Gereb for the first time in 2012 in her light filled apartment in Budapest that was both her home and her prison. Agnes had been charged in 2008 with ‘manslaughter through negligence in the course of her professional practice’. This charge was based on the breathing difficulties and subsequent death of a […]

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Relationship-based continuity of carer: informed choice for mothers AND midwives

There can be no doubt that we should be implementing relationship-based continuity of carer for most women and their babies. The evidence has been mounting over years and is compelling: there are few developments that offer so much benefit, with fewer risks (See It is difficult to understand why this evidence is still seen […]

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The birth of our humanity

  ‘A child is born’ …and then? How will that life unfold? Will this baby be well and healthy at birth, with a mother who has been wrapped around in loving care, not only in her childhood and life, but also in pregnancy, labour, birth and the early weeks of life? Will this baby be […]

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The politics of normal birth

  I will be writing a blog post each month, and you can hear more about it HERE. This first month I am looking at the politics of normal birth. As a midwife you have an impact on people’s lives. Let’s make that impact informed and compassionate by thinking things through. The time for improvement […]

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Viewpoint: What To Push For?

VIEWPOINT What to push for? The aim of midwifery care is to optimise health and wellbeing for mother and baby; support for a straightforward normal birth is a part of that care continuum. SUPPORTING NORMAL BIRTH There has been a great deal of debate and discussion in the media lately around the issue of ‘natural’ […]

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