Birth is not Porn

Birth is not Porn Laura Godfrey-Isaacs – Artist, Birth Activist and Midwife at King’s College London Powerful images of childbirth posted by mothers, artists and organisations that advocate for women, are being censored on social media, and labelled as ‘porn’. During World Breastfeeding Week (2018), I posted a number of brelfies (selfies of women breastfeeding), referencing […]

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Supporting physiological birth; a case study

Supporting physiological birth; a case study Evony Lynch, Community Midwife at Royal Cornwall Hospitals Trust This article explores the role of a midwife in supporting physiological labour and birth, through the use of a case study where I attended a home birth recently.The article reflects on care provision in the latent phase of labour and the […]

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Birth and the microbiome; what all midwives need to know

BIRTH AND THE MICROBIOME; WHAT ALL MIDWIVES NEED TO KNOW Birth is an important event in many ways, but emerging research is demonstrating that the way we are born may have far-reaching consequences for our future health and wellbeing. This article looks briefly at what is known about the microbiome and health, the importance of birth, […]

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Time for Caseloading-creating relationship

Time for Caseloading-creating relationships I sent a tweet to Jeremy Hunt Secretary of State for Health and Social Care yesterday. I don’t tweet Jeremy that often but this time I felt it was important. The British news over the weekend was full of midwifery, it even hit the Andrew Marr show on Sunday morning. We […]

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Playing Kate: Re-staging maternal transformation

Playing Kate: Re-staging maternal transformation A guest blog by Jodie Hawkes Introduction Since 2005 I have been making performances with my partner Pete Phillips as part of a live art duo Search Party. One of our theatre performances, My Son and Heir (2015) was made shortly after the birth of our first son Edward, which […]

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The birth of our humanity

  ‘A child is born’ …and then? How will that life unfold? Will this baby be well and healthy at birth, with a mother who has been wrapped around in loving care, not only in her childhood and life, but also in pregnancy, labour, birth and the early weeks of life? Will this baby be […]

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