Research unwrapped; The Mothers on Respect index (MORi)

Research unwrapped ‘The Mothers on Respect index (MORi) : measuring quality, safety, and human rights in childbirth’. Vedam et al (2017) Anneka Bell – Welsh Medium Midwifery Lecturer at Swansea University Published in The Practising Midwife Journal Volume 22 Issue 2 February 2019 Research unwrapped is a popular series to help readers make sense of published research […]

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Relationship-based continuity of carer: informed choice for mothers AND midwives

There can be no doubt that we should be implementing relationship-based continuity of carer for most women and their babies. The evidence has been mounting over years and is compelling: there are few developments that offer so much benefit, with fewer risks (See It is difficult to understand why this evidence is still seen […]

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