Anna Byrom

Qualifying as a midwife in 2003, I have worked in a variety of roles throughout maternity services and education around the United Kingdom. As a practising midwife I worked in caseload, continuity models of care, working across all areas of clinical practice. Before commencing my current role as a midwifery lecturer I worked as a infant feeding lead in the community and hospital. This role prompted my interest in research and I have almost finished my PhD exploring the impact of the Baby Friendly Initiative, with the Maternal and Infant Nutrition and Nurture Unit at UCLAN. I am also the Editor-in-Chief of The Practising Midwife journal

Sustainability; everybody’s business

Sustainability; everybody’s business Anna Byrom – Senior Lecturer, University of Central Lancashire A choice worth making Investing in our own and others’ futures has never been more crucial. Ensuring sustainable approaches to our health, society and environment is vital to maintaining continued and enhanced prosperity as individuals and as a global community (United Nations 2013). As a […]

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Five Films to Inspire

We have picked out 5 videos that inspire us, that pick us up, motivate us and keep us feeling well. We hope to LOVE them: 1. Ben Zander – The Art of Possibility – speaking to people’s passion. Just watching Ben’s warm face and enthusiasm for people makes us happy. His lessons are so useful […]

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Mass appreciation

Mass appreciation   Stop for a minute. Who do you need? Who is there for you through it all? Taking time to appreciate the people who help us makes such a positive difference. Say thank you. Tell your supporters how much they mean. Positive, authentic feedback makes people feel great and helps to build reciprocity […]

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Love from Anna

You matter, your life matters and how you feel about yourself and your life matters too.  As pressures build we can forget to LOOK, LISTEN, LEARN, LAUGH and LOVE. Take a moment to find the joy in your every day moments. Look up at the sky, in to the eyes of your colleagues or the […]

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Starting out

When was the last time you began a new job or turned up for your first day of something, a course, class or programme of study? How did it feel, do you remember? Starting in a new role or work environment can be challenging. We can feel vulnerable as we navigate these fresh experiences and […]

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Exploring midwives’ experience of bereavement care

Exploring midwives’ experience of bereavement care Supporting parents as they experience the devastating loss of their baby, be it before, during, or shortly after birth presents a particular challenge to the midwife. The midwife must skilfully and compassionately meet the often considerable physical, emotional and psychological needs of women suffering loss (Mills, 2015), carry out […]

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Editorial: Getting Alongside You

Getting Alongside You As midwives it is our professional obligation to keep our knowledge and skills up to date to ensure we offer appropriate, safe and evidence-based care to all women and families. It is our aim at to support you in your learning throughout your training and career. Our hope is to make […]

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Editorial: Holding on to Support

Holding on to Support Research continues to identify the benefits of effective social and emotional support for physical health and wellbeing (Reblin and Uchino 2008). Throughout maternity services relationship-based care, including one-to-one support from a known midwife, has been shown to enhance outcomes for women, babies and families (Sandall et al 2016). Midwifery-led continuity models, […]

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Editorial: A Place For You

A PLACE FOR YOU What a busy and exciting month we have had. Thank you to all our subscribers for being part of our growing community. This month, as we focus on the issues relating to space and place, it is a great chance to celebrate and share our platform: your place for learning, […]

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Editorial: Challenging Choices

Challenging Choices As midwives and maternity care workers, we are called upon to support choice and informed decision-making as a fundamental part of our caring roles. Yet evidence demonstrates the ongoing challenge of consistently enabling choice and effective decisionmaking in daily practice. We are living in world where our choices can seem at once prolific […]

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