Mass appreciation

Mass appreciation   Stop for a minute. Who do you need? Who is there for you through it all? Taking time to appreciate the people who help us makes such a positive difference. Say thank you. Tell your supporters how much they mean. Positive, authentic feedback makes people feel great and helps to build reciprocity […]

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Midwives Matter

Midwives Matter Charlotte Grant – Midwife and founder of Midwives Matter and I was approached to write a blog post about some key questions around my newly launched staff wellbeing project for midwives – “Midwives Matter” – and my new blog– and it really made me think back to the roots of why […]

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Supporting and nurturing each other at work – lessons from a postnatal ward 

by Melanie Wildman – midwifery leader I posted a comment on the wonderful Facebook page – Self-Care for Midwives, about how we try to care for staff where I work…. I was then invited to share the initiative here, to give others an idea of how to care for colleagues at work – so here […]

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