Reflective learning on #FedisBest – what I misunderstood and why I no longer agree

My name is Sophie, I’m 19 and a first-year student midwife. I started up my Instagram blog @student_to_midwife in June 2018, just as I completed an access to health professions course. The idea behind it was to share my journey with honesty, in the hope to inspire and empower others along the way, as well […]

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A reflection on philosophy of care

A reflection on philosophy of care Ann-Marie Halse – Third Year Student Midwife at University of South Wales at the time of writing Published in The Student Midwife Journal Volume 2 Issue 1 January 2019 I have chosen Atkins and Murphy (1994) to reflect upon the philosophy of care I observed on labour ward placement. To […]

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When all you want to do is run out of the room…

When all you want to do is run out of the room… Rebecca Weston – Third year Student Midwife at Bournemouth University This is a reflective article which I wrote shortly after I was involved in a traumatic, sudden and heart-breaking event in practice. I had just begun my second year of midwifery and was excited […]

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Choice of birthplace for low risk women: a reflection

CHOICE OF BIRTHPLACE FOR LOW RISK WOMEN: A REFLECTION This article reflects on the discussion between a midwife and low-risk woman regarding choice of birthplace. Using the reflective cycle by Rolfe et al (2001), a simple and pragmatic three-stage reflective cycle, I consider whether informed choice was effectively empowered for the client, and consider how […]

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TPM The Practising Midwife Feature Articles


#ENOUGH Hannah Dahlen reflects on the origins of her passion for midwifery, research and teaching I have had an extraordinary life – not because I am extraordinary but because I get to enjoy so many facets of being a midwife. Today I am a Professor of Midwifery at Western Sydney University and the Higher Degree […]

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