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#One4OneSelfie Challenge #IDM2018

In celebration of global midwifery practice, in the week leading up to International Day of the Midwife #IDM2018, we would like to ask our subscribers to join us in our new #one4oneselfie challenge on social media; Twitter, Facebook and Instagram.

Did you know that for every subscription to All4Maternity from a high income country we gift a subscription to All4Maternity to a midwife in a low income country? This includes access to the online version of  The Practising Midwife journal. We are doing this with the help of the International Confederation of Midwives, who are directing to us to relevant midwifery associations.

We thought that as a subscriber, and by joining our #One4OneSelfie challenge you could help us to raise awareness of the All4Maternity platform and about this sharing initiative.

What should you do?

We ask you to copy or screenshot the image above and take a selfie, Post both together on social media with the hashtag #One4OneSelfie. This helps to spread the word about the support YOU are giving to those most in need, who also have limited resources.  It will also help to increase awareness of our work.

Our mission is to build a one stop platform to educate and support all involved in maternity care, whilst also give something back by helping to improve global maternity practices and highlight the importance of birth and womanhood.


Here is an example of a #One4OneSelfie post


Reasons to signpost your friends, colleagues and practitioners to the All4Maternity offering is that as subscribers they receive access to support. learning resources and a caring community:

  • The Practising Midwife journal
  • CPD modules
  • Monthly blogs
  • Online articles
  • A leadership area


In addition they are also able to help midwives globally because of the ‘One4One Pass it On’ subscription offering.

Midwives in low income countries then receive the benefit of the All4Maternity platform. Sharing the same important evidence-based knowledge and practice initiatives.


Reasons why people contribute and donate to a cause are many and varied. We believe this initiative works in the interests of both our subscribers and the benefactors.

Reasons for subscribing may be heartfelt and others maybe more, a logical justification, either way its a win-win situation.

Personal benefits Caring benefits
I receive the benefits of All4Maternity educational resources I feel that I am improving midwifery for someone else
I am fortunate and want to give something back I am moved by the One4One initiative
I want to set an example as a leader/role model This fits with my personal philosophy, I enjoy the result of the One4One subscription
This is a charitable way of giving to a cause I am passionate about This gives me a sense of closeness with midwives in low income countries

Whatever your reasons we want to say thank you!

Warmest wishes


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