Self-care and what it means to me

Self-care and what it means to me Susan Saville – Midwife In my journey through nursing and midwifery, caring for others has been the theme of my professional life. Having my own children saw caring for others take on a new direction;  these three little humans’ needs naturally came before my own. Then came the “Sandwich generation” where I had young […]

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Birth and the microbiome; what all midwives need to know

BIRTH AND THE MICROBIOME; WHAT ALL MIDWIVES NEED TO KNOW Birth is an important event in many ways, but emerging research is demonstrating that the way we are born may have far-reaching consequences for our future health and wellbeing. This article looks briefly at what is known about the microbiome and health, the importance of birth, […]

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The Majestic Midwife – a book for children!

The Majestic Midwife – a book for children! Laura Neale – Former and future Midwife and Childminder I began my midwifery journey in September 2002. As a student and then qualified midwife, I felt very privileged to be in a position to care for women and their families during their life-changing events. I met many women […]

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Midwifery Gold

This is our very first guest blog post, and we’re honoured to host the words of Claire Kay. Claire is a mother of three teenagers, and lives in North Wales.  She is the founder of ‘Birth Story Listeners’ which is a Peer Support Group for mothers in North Wales, & also the ‘Birth Trauma Christian […]

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