Professional Midwifery Education Fellowship – in India!

  Background The Fernandez Hospital’s Educational and Research Foundation’s Promise Program, in partnership with the Government of Telangana (India) and UNICEF-Hyderabad (India), is piloting the first of it’s kind training and incorporation of professional midwives into the Government health sector!  This is an exciting partnership that hopes to enhance principles of compassionate, respectful, quality care […]

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Student survival guide No 8 – Developing a personal philosophy and preparing for qualification

DEVELOPING A PERSONAL PHILOSOPHY AND PREPARING FOR QUALIFICATION Georgia Allan – Caseloading Midwife in Manchester Felicity Harper – Midwife at Manchester University NHS Foundation Trust Qualification is an exciting, nerve-racking time that ties together three years of hard work, dedication and commitment.In the final article of the Student survival guide series, Georgia Allan and Felicity […]

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The Majestic Midwife – a book for children!

The Majestic Midwife – a book for children! Laura Neale – Former and future Midwife and Childminder I began my midwifery journey in September 2002. As a student and then qualified midwife, I felt very privileged to be in a position to care for women and their families during their life-changing events. I met many women […]

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Looking back – a midwife’s reflection of her career

By Angela McBennett   A note to start…. It seems that in the ‘blink of an eye’, 27 years have flown by as I retire from general midwifery. My memories of midwifery will always be forever in my heart. Pregnancy and birth is a unique time in a family’s life and, as a midwife, we […]

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Access to digital information, social artifice and choice

Changing attitudes and actions around women’s health, childbirth and gender equality are being powerfully supported by technology engaging mass communication. Social media are helping to raise awareness and encourage discussion by breaking down barriers of distance and geography. But sometimes, too much information – especially if it is inaccurate or of poor quality – can pose a challenge for women and families and […]

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