Let’s Connect Kindly!

  It’s simple really, communication matters. We hear so much about this, and yet poor communication still remains the largest cause of complaints in U.K’s NHS.  How we speak to those in our care makes a difference to their wellbeing, and interestingly, to ours too. The way we speak to each other, how we are […]

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Hearts in Healthcare

Hearts in Healthcare This website was created by the wonderful anaesthetist Robin Youngson, and is a hub of resources where you can find articles,  inspiration, resources and videos,  all designed to help you to understand the science behind the power of self-care, of caring for others, and  kindness and compassion.  Robin’s website is full of content […]

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Getting the Basics of Maternity Care Right

Getting the Basics of Maternity Care Right Mhairi McLellan – Student Midwife at Robert Gordon University in Aberdeen What does the word basic mean to you? It may conjure an idea of something ‘satisfactory’, something that does what it needs to do and no more. Alternatively, the word basic might make you think of ‘foundations’ – […]

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Practising compassion in a stressful environment

Dr Robin Youngson, pioneer in compassionate caring, explains how health professionals can find new wellbeing, happiness and resilience. To learn more, read his new book, Time to Care is available from this source. One of Robin’s articles ‘Practising Compassion in an Uncompassionate Health System highlights the science and evidence behind the antidote effect of practising kindness […]

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Survey of UK and Nigerian midwifery students on their view of respectful midwifery care

Survey of UK and Nigerian midwifery students on their view of respectful midwifery care Inno Omar Principal of Usmanu Danfodiyo University Sokoto, Nigeria Asha John Senior Midwifery Lecturer at University of Wolverhampton Respect and dignity of child-bearing women, throughout their childbearing period and at the time of birth is the hallmark of respectful midwifery care. In every […]

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Midwifery Gold

This is our very first guest blog post, and we’re honoured to host the words of Claire Kay. Claire is a mother of three teenagers, and lives in North Wales.  She is the founder of ‘Birth Story Listeners’ which is a Peer Support Group for mothers in North Wales, & also the ‘Birth Trauma Christian […]

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