Slow Midwifery

Slow Midwifery Lorna Davies – Principal Lecturer at Ara Institute of Canterbury, Christchurch, New Zealand I began practising mindfulness following a series of  significant earthquakes in the South Island of New Zealand that rocked my world.  I was also setting out on my PhD journey at the time. By taking the time to practice mindfulness at the recommendation of my doctor, I […]

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Midwives Matter

Midwives Matter Charlotte Grant – Midwife and founder of Midwives Matter and I was approached to write a blog post about some key questions around my newly launched staff wellbeing project for midwives – “Midwives Matter” – and my new blog– and it really made me think back to the roots of why […]

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Top Tips for Self Care and Wellbeing

Self-care We are all individuals and we are more likely to practice self – care methods if they suit our personality.  Try to plan them into your day or week, remember they are as important to you as your basic needs; healthy diet, drink enough water, plenty of rest/sleep.  This website has been created especially for […]

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Practising compassion in a stressful environment

Dr Robin Youngson, pioneer in compassionate caring, explains how health professionals can find new wellbeing, happiness and resilience. To learn more, read his new book, Time to Care is available from this source. One of Robin’s articles ‘Practising Compassion in an Uncompassionate Health System highlights the science and evidence behind the antidote effect of practising kindness […]

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Supporting and nurturing each other at work – lessons from a postnatal ward 

by Melanie Wildman – midwifery leader I posted a comment on the wonderful Facebook page – Self-Care for Midwives, about how we try to care for staff where I work…. I was then invited to share the initiative here, to give others an idea of how to care for colleagues at work – so here […]

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Attending the UK UNICEF Baby Friendly Conference 2017 – my thoughts!

By Rachel Evans, 3rd Year student midwife, Swansea University   As a self confessed breastfeeding geek, the UNICEF UK Baby Friendly Initiative Conference is one of my dream gatherings. I was fortunate enough to receive a grant from the Swansea University Student Midwifery Society enabling me to attend the 2017 conference. It was great to […]

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