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All4Maternity Leadership Collective has launched a new campaign #MaternityLeader


This campaign marks the beginning of a new community of maternity leaders, midwives, doctors, healthcare workers, doulas. The maternity workforce is changing, midwifery faces challenges ahead and we would like to contribute to the development of a maternity workforce ready and prepared to fulfil leadership opportunity in the future. By collaborating together with existing and new maternity leaders we wish to inspire confidence in those who perhaps don’t currently identify themselves as leaders to enhance motivation, morale and performance and future sustainability of services.

Campaign strategy

Leadership is often associated with accomplishment, authority, faultlessness – perfection! However it is important to recognise that ‘perfect’ is not a real state and to want to attain this goal means living in a constant state of denial and stress. Part of the #MaternityLeader campaign is about empowering others by sharing our vulnerabilities. Admitting vulnerability demonstrates a level of trust and respect with the people you are sharing with and opens the door to valuable human communication. Leaders have vulnerabilities, the most successful teams value each other for their differences, opinions, skills and expertise, no one person has all the answers.

Many of the individuals within our maternity workforce are engaging in wonderful work through the constant support provided to women and families, upholding the values and codes of our profession, new initiatives, design of strategic models, improvements in audits and safety, sharing of tools and procedures to enhance services. We want to recognise and share that. So here is what we’re asking you to do:

Campaign steps

  • The first step of this campaign is to generate a conversation NOW. We ask you to use social media to tweet and share the #MaternityLeader hashtag with any of our campaign posters to help generate interest. Please download the pictures from here.
  • Join us on the launch date Saturday 16th December 2018. Get involved and use social media with the hashtag #MaternityLeader to post a video or a post to tell us about yourself, share a vulnerability and why YOU are a leader. Then please NOMINATE another maternity leader to do the same. Don’t wait to be nominated AND you can do more than one!

  • Join our Thunderclap, by being a supporter Thunderclap will mass post a one-time message “If your actions inspire others to dream, learn, do more, and become more. Then YOU are a Leader! come and join us” to each social media account on January 01 at 7:00AM

This will then direct your social media followers to join the #MaternityLeader page on Facebook. Within this community we will share examples of good practice, offer ideas and solutions to each other, link to development opportunities and generate positive conversations to enable change.

We are committed to ensuring maternity teams are promoted into future positions with expectation, preparation and resilience.


Here are a some examples of #MaternityLeader videos

Midwife, Gemma Boyd

Midwife Hannah Tizard

So! We hope you will join us! Please share and RT this post.

Hannah Tizard


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