Sheena Byrom

Professional Midwifery Education Fellowship – in India!

  Background The Fernandez Hospital’s Educational and Research Foundation’s Promise Program, in partnership with the Government of Telangana (India) and UNICEF-Hyderabad (India), is piloting the first of it’s kind training and incorporation of professional midwives into the Government health sector!  This is an exciting partnership that hopes to enhance principles of compassionate, respectful, quality care […]

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Continuity of carer and the smartphone generation – a match made on Facebook or just one Tweet too far?

Continuity of carer and the smartphone generation – a match made on Facebook or just one Tweet too far? Anna Marsh – Midwife at Central London Hospital The National maternity review (NHS England 2016) recommended a continuity-of-carer model, in which a woman is ideally seen by the same midwife throughout her pregnancy, birth and postnatal period. […]

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The Majestic Midwife – a book for children!

The Majestic Midwife – a book for children! Laura Neale – Former and future Midwife and Childminder I began my midwifery journey in September 2002. As a student and then qualified midwife, I felt very privileged to be in a position to care for women and their families during their life-changing events. I met many women […]

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Who Am I?

I am a post doctorate clinical academic midwife. What does this actually mean? What has urged me to share my thoughts? I was recently challenged by an inter-professional clinical academic colleague that I might not be a ‘proper’ post-doctorate (post-doc) clinical academic (midwife). This caused me inner turmoil, which compounded the uncertainty I already had […]

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Birth Undisturbed – a guest post by Natalie Lennard

I am a fine-art and commercial photographer of 11 years. Having long created surreal and elaborate fantasy scenes, always with a singularly conventional femininity, I’ve been increasingly hungry to showcase a more raw, powerful beauty in the most surreal yet commonplace event in a woman’s life: childbirth. Evan Gabriel I have long been fascinated by […]

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Midwifery basics: student survival guide 4. Resilience

  By Lynsey Grice Lynsey is a third year student midwife at Coventry University, and is reflecting here on her personal experience of emotional resilience. Reflection In order to reflect on my own experiences as a student midwife, I have used Gibbs’ Model of Reflection (1988):  What happened? When I applied for Midwifery at Coventry […]

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An SOS for our NHS: corporate influence on maternity services

Maddie McMahon is a well respected birth and postnatal doula, and a member of our Editorial Board. This post is hers; Maddie’s clear and articulate piece reflects an increasing frustration in the commercialisation of the NHS, paying attention here to maternity services. When an old buffalo has become decrepit and lumbering, the carrion crows start […]

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Midwifery Gold

This is our very first guest blog post, and we’re honoured to host the words of Claire Kay. Claire is a mother of three teenagers, and lives in North Wales.  She is the founder of ‘Birth Story Listeners’ which is a Peer Support Group for mothers in North Wales, & also the ‘Birth Trauma Christian […]

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