Supporting physiological birth; a case study

Supporting physiological birth; a case study Evony Lynch, Community Midwife at Royal Cornwall Hospitals Trust This article explores the role of a midwife in supporting physiological labour and birth, through the use of a case study where I attended a home birth recently.The article reflects on care provision in the latent phase of labour and the […]

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Birth Undisturbed – a guest post by Natalie Lennard

I am a fine-art and commercial photographer of 11 years. Having long created surreal and elaborate fantasy scenes, always with a singularly conventional femininity, I’ve been increasingly hungry to showcase a more raw, powerful beauty in the most surreal yet commonplace event in a woman’s life: childbirth. Evan Gabriel I have long been fascinated by […]

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Navigating Spaces:

Fetal Navigation Techniques “I turned my OP baby and regulated my own contractions in an hour, directly avoiding induction and possibly other interventions. This was my second labour, which from this point on flowed smoothly to a physiological birth in just a few hours. My first baby had also started labour in a less than […]

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