Poem; I am a uterus

I am a Uterus by Alison Edwards Senior Lecturer in Midwifery at Birmingham City University I am called the uterus Just seven-and-a-half centimetres tall With a waist called the isthmus And a thick muscle wall.   I have some shy longitudinals But the obliques give them a hug I can then rotate my circulars And […]

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Poem; being a student midwife

Being a Student Midwife Jennifer Cole Third year Student Midwife (now Masters degree student) at University of Wolverhampton When does this epic adventure begin? As you walk through the uni door? Or when you buy your first textbook? It’s actually way before. When you have that initial thought: ‘I want to be a midwife’, It […]

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Poem; dear student midwife

Dear Student Midwife Dear student midwife, with passion in your heart You want to make a difference but don’t know where to start. You feel so inspired by all that you’ve heard But you’re ‘just a student’, who will listen to your word? Well let me tell you student midwife, who hasn’t been here long, […]

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A selection of poems

A selection of poems The first two pieces of poetry were written about my caseloading experience as a student midwife. As part of my caseload I supported my brother’s girlfriend; the poems are about them and also about my own fears and expectations while caseloading. Reality bites. A student, mummy and partner, too Caseload is […]

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