Socially Acceptable?

Socially Acceptable? Charlene Cole – Student Midwife Coventry University Since writing my first article on Social Media over a year ago I feel there has been a positive shift in perception regarding the acceptability of the use of social media in professional spheres. For me, it is an essential part of my midwifery life: it […]

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Social media – a reinforcing cycle; student studygram

Social media – a reinforcing cycle; student studygram Jessica Rawlinson – Student Midwife University of Surrey One day I was sitting writing up my notes on fetal circulation, wondering how on earth all this human physiology and anatomy would stay in my easily distracted brain, and the next day I am truly overwhelmed  by the […]

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Being alongside – with #MatExp!

Charlene Cole BSC (Hons.), PgDL, PhD – student midwife Coventry University The theme for this month’s The Practising Midwife journal is Alongside. When I thought about what this meant to me many ideas sprung to mind – collaboration with the multi-disciplinary team, our new alongside midwifery-led unit at South Warwickshire Foundation Trust, @JennytheM’s latest blog […]

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Technology and empowerment

Welcome to the Maternity Media Hotspot, a resource media space focused on providing you with access to new and existing content published online, including posters, infographics, videos and animations relating to midwifery, maternity, obstetric and neonatal care. These resources are aimed to support women and families, midwives and other healthcare professionals in the provision of […]

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