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Be Resilient!

By Amity Reed

Be resilient! They all crow
Do some yoga, take it slow

Deep breathing, exercise
It’s all you need to stay alive

Take a bath, take a walk
Find a friend with whom to talk

We care for you! They all bleat
As you rush past with aching feet

We know you have many things to do
But keep smiling! We’re here for you!

We’ve brought in cake, a generous gift
And would you mind doing an extra shift?

New equipment? Don’t be silly
That would cost a pretty penny

What’s that you say? We need more staff?
We’re doing fine, don’t be daft!

If midwives would stop getting sick with stress
We wouldn’t be in this spiralling mess!

Workload too much? That’s no excuse
We’ll just heap you with more abuse

Nights and days, pulled from pillar to post
You might miss your family but we need you most

If you really can’t cope, that’s just too bad
We’ll blame it on you and say that you’re sad

If you feel it’s more than you can handle
Maybe you should light a candle

It’s lovely that you want to give great care
But there are targets to be met and no one to spare

More women coming in, more paperwork to fill
There’s no time to have a chat or even stand still

Outcomes and results are what is most pressing
But you deliver babies! What a blessing

The greatest job in the world, they say
And you’re a woman so don’t require much pay

Inspection reports and public satisfaction
Are the only things that require our action

So switch off your feelings, forget your oath
Be with woman or with us…you can’t do both

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