Birth (and midwives) in the media

Birth (and midwives) in the Media By Laura Godfrey Issacs – Midwife, Artist and Activist August 2018 In August 2017, myself and many others were caught up in a storm of media ‘stories’ and debates around birth. These were swirling around the misapprehension that the Royal College of Midwives (RCM) had dropped the use of […]

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What are women’s ‘rights’ when it comes to infant feeding?

Professor Amy Brown, Swansea University Yesterday, there was one of those media storms. It all started out innocuously enough. The Royal College of Midwives made a slight tweak to their breastfeeding position statement and … bam … suddenly the tabloids were in a shark feeding frenzy, all seeking to outdo each other with how derogatory […]

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The Place of Political Satire and Cartoons in Birth Activism

By Laura Godfrey-Issacs Henny Beaumont (2017) ‘I’ve thought of a great way to tackle midwife shortages’ Recent political events in the UK and globally are a gift for satirists, such as Henny Beaumont – artist, writer and disability activist – and subsequently we see a resurgence of political sketches and lampooning in the media. But, […]

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