Student survival guide No 6: Staying afloat 
and passionate

Building a university society University life for any student can be pretty full-on with deadlines and studying, but the midwifery degree is notorious for being one of the toughest (as well as most rewarding), as the course must be completed while undertaking a full-time clinical placement. So what can midwifery students do to help keep […]

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The Practising Midwife Hand Illustration

Empowering Women And Their Partners

Perinatal mental health enquiry Empowering Women And Their Partners This series stresses the importance of perinatal mental health and wellbeing. Policy and guidelines have been written to help support midwives in delivering care so that a woman’s mental health is treated as comparable with her physical health.This third article in the series emphasises the promotion […]

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Who Am I?

I am a post doctorate clinical academic midwife. What does this actually mean? What has urged me to share my thoughts? I was recently challenged by an inter-professional clinical academic colleague that I might not be a ‘proper’ post-doctorate (post-doc) clinical academic (midwife). This caused me inner turmoil, which compounded the uncertainty I already had […]

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The Practising Midwife - Mother & Baby

Midwives’ knowledge of Baby Friendly Hospital Initiative in Uganda

Baby Friendly Hospital Initiative in Uganda The Baby Friendly Hospital Initiative (BFHI) is a worldwide programme well known to midwives globally for supporting the initiation of successful breastfeeding. In low resource countries, initiation of breastfeeding immediately after birth would help to reduce neonatal complications such as infection. Knowledge of the 10 steps is critical for […]

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We made our big launch at the RCM annual conference 2017..

RCM annual conference 2017 So, its been an exciting time and we were proud to announce the launch of the all new, fresh look journal ‘The Practising Midwife’ and our new online dedicated solution for all involved in the midwifery world – The RCM annual conference was held on the 31st October – 1st […]

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