Birth is not Porn

Birth is not Porn Laura Godfrey-Isaacs – Artist, Birth Activist and Midwife at King’s College London Powerful images of childbirth posted by mothers, artists and organisations that advocate for women, are being censored on social media, and labelled as ‘porn’. During World Breastfeeding Week (2018), I posted a number of brelfies (selfies of women breastfeeding), referencing […]

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Passage from Birth Trauma by Mila Oshin

Passage from Birth Trauma by Mila Oshin Two months ago I was diagnosed with PTSD as a result of circumstances surrounding the birth of my first child, eight years ago. Surprisingly, perhaps, the past eight years have been some of my most creative and productive. I wrote and published Passage; a collection of poems about […]

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Playing Kate: Re-staging maternal transformation

Playing Kate: Re-staging maternal transformation A guest blog by Jodie Hawkes Introduction Since 2005 I have been making performances with my partner Pete Phillips as part of a live art duo Search Party. One of our theatre performances, My Son and Heir (2015) was made shortly after the birth of our first son Edward, which […]

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Maternal Journal – Creative journaling

Maternal Journal – how creative journaling can support pregnant women and new mothers with a history of mild to moderate mental health problems Journaling: ‘a record of experiences, ideas, or reflections kept regularly for private use’ (Merriam-Webster, 2018) Introduction There is growing recognition of the serious nature of maternal mental health problems during childbirth – […]

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Holding On!

by Laura Godfrey-Isaacs and Helen Knowles The Birth Rites Collection of contemporary art about childbirth – opening at King’s College London, Guy’s Campus, 25th January 2018 (open to the public by appointment) In January 2018 The Birth Rites collection, the first and only collection of contemporary artwork dedicated to the subject of childbirth, curated by […]

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Birth Undisturbed – a guest post by Natalie Lennard

I am a fine-art and commercial photographer of 11 years. Having long created surreal and elaborate fantasy scenes, always with a singularly conventional femininity, I’ve been increasingly hungry to showcase a more raw, powerful beauty in the most surreal yet commonplace event in a woman’s life: childbirth. Evan Gabriel I have long been fascinated by […]

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The Place of Political Satire and Cartoons in Birth Activism

By Laura Godfrey-Issacs Henny Beaumont (2017) ‘I’ve thought of a great way to tackle midwife shortages’ Recent political events in the UK and globally are a gift for satirists, such as Henny Beaumont – artist, writer and disability activist – and subsequently we see a resurgence of political sketches and lampooning in the media. But, […]

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Representations Of Childbirth And How They Can Affect The Choice Agenda

Representations Of Childbirth And How They Can Affect The Choice Agenda We live in an electronic and highly visual age where images of birth, pregnancy and motherhood saturate our social and mainstream media – however, images made by artists, which might be less available, can provide an alternative set of representations, and are rarely referenced […]

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